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Dentist Negligence

Why make a dental negligence claim?

When you seek medical advice, you’re in a position of trust. If someone betrays this trust and your symptoms are made worse through inaction or by mistake, then you could make a claim. We know that more often than not, dentists do a great job when it comes down to looking after our teeth, however, we also know that things don’t always go to plan when you visit the dentist. Your dentist could remove the wrong tooth, fail to give you the correct treatment at the appropriate time or you could be a victim of clinical negligence during surgical or cosmetic procedures. If this happens to you, you could make a claim.

Dental negligence causes pain. And it can leave you unable to carry on with your everyday life – in some cases, your injuries may even be life changing.

All dental professionals have a legal ‘duty of care’ to keep you safe.

This is their obligation to you to make sure they take reasonable care to avoid causing you harm.

If your dentist has failed in their duty of care to you, then the effects on your life can be significant. We can help you make it right.

Making a dental negligence claim can seem daunting, but we’ve seen how much claiming compensation can make to people’s lives. It can give you the financial support you need during your recovery and into the future and get you the apology you deserve.

What counts as dental negligence?

If you’ve experienced any of the following examples of dental negligence, you might be able to make a compensation claim:

  • Delayed diagnosis: It’s important for your dentist to identify problems as quickly as possible. If they haven’t, this can delay treatment and make the problem worse

  • Incorrect treatment: For example, if the wrong tooth was removed

  • Misdiagnosis: If your dental problem is misdiagnosed, this can lead to unnecessary treatment and more complications

  • Poor standard of treatment: If your dentist or orthodontist has carried out the treatment poorly, causing further injury

If your experience isn’t listed above, then don’t worry – it’s likely we’re still able to help you. Call us on 0800 376 0150 to find out how.

How to make a claim

In order to get the compensation that you deserve, get in contact with Eagles Claims Management.

Give us a call on 01323 431862 or make a claim online and one of our dedicated member of staff back to you as soon as possible.

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